1. These Celebrities Have Actually Met Stately!!!


This is a section we like to call "These Celebrities Have Actually Met Stately!!!" because--as if we don't already have enough reasons to hate them and their snooty VIP rooms--these celebrities have actually met Stately.

That's right, every star in this gallery has had the incomparable honor of direct contact with The Artist Currently Known As Manor.  We're not talking a quickie handshake at an airport or five words over an autograph.  These big shots have had extended exchanges of the first-name-basis variety.  There is little doubt that each shown within raced home, breathlessly recounting the special moment when, heart about to burst, they summoned up the courage to come close enough to Mister M to hear his traditional salutation:  "Yo, what are you staring at?"


Please note:  There are many celebrities going around claiming to have met SWM, but unless you see their names or images somewhere on this site, they are fakes--or, as they're known at the Manor Mansion, "Stately Waynabees"--and therefore it's perfectly all right to bash them in the ribs with a blunt object, chanting "Liar, liar, pants on fire."


 Image Macho macho men  (mat guys)

Image  Mama Mia!  (Gorgeous grappling gals)

 Image Music  (take a guess)


At right, drum god Buddy Rich, the very first

 celebrity to meet SWM.



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