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about SWMSWM               about the columns              about ETC             about Joe Pesci                    about two inches           

mcmahon, flair, foley, jericho, stately states, manor's mat musings, flips quips, hogan, benoit, the rock, austin, michaels,undertaker, guerrero, angle, cena, hardy, helmsley, triple h, rhodes, christian, dudley, bischoff, orton Wrestling-wrelated  The original uncensored versions of Stately's infamous Wrestling World and Power Slam pro wrestling columns, features, song parodies and a whole lot more from the Best Friend Of The Rule Bend.  The WWE, TNA, WCW, NWA, ECW, ROH, indies, Japanese promotions, lucha libra:  our hero has opined on them all.                                    ("Express" links to the UK column archive and the Son Of Stately States index.)


barry mahon, rock star, last days of planet earth, bruce lee in new guinea, mondo keyhole, horror of party beach, world of lsd, the bees, william castle, timewalker, curse of jackal.babyface, francine york,swamp creature, sender,homicidal, down on us
Manor On Movies  One of the earliest "cult movies" columns, M-O-M provides glowing reviews of such timeless gems as The Creeping Terror, Showgirls, Samurai Cop and The Weird World Of LSD, and salutes genre giants Larry Buchanan, Ed Wood and Herschell Gordon Lewis, among others.  Required reading for any "junkfilm junkie" (tm).


beatles, princess di, jennifer tiilly, allison hayes, jeanette lee, dennis miller, sandler, brutarian,anita ekberg, jesus, allysa milano,dictators, baseball,travers,rollins,samantha brown, berntson On Manor's Mind  Thanks to the zine world's "anything goes" editorial policy, Stately really cuts loose in O-M-M.  Disco, punk rock poseurs, religion, Sting,  garbage TV,  pampered athletes, Jon Stewart,  hip-hop cliche merchants, goatees, Bono, corporate suck-ups...they all come under the thunder of the Sultan of Insultin'.  Plus, Hubba Hubba Honeys, Manor's salute to superwomen.  This is also the page where you can link to the monthly S.N.A.P.S.--Suckas Needing A Pimp Slap--nominations.


Enter, poll, quiz, dance party, lyrics, art Etcetera  There is A LOT of stuff within the Etcetera section, so don't you dare miss it!!!   For example, there are the tabloid articles declaring SWM "The World's Most Conceited Man" THREE times, a visitor's survey, Manor created artwork and lyrics, and even a view of Stately's "bare butt."  So, don't just sit there, click the chick on the left!


madusa, lesseos, rusa, missy hyatt, foley, clearmountain, gia, dictators, robert moog, plasmatics, ramones, buddy landel, sid vicious, x-pac, terry funk, jerry lawler, eddie gilbert, davey boy smith, michael kamen, buddy rich, luther vandros, jim cornette Photo Gallery  These celebrities have actually met Stately!  We're not just talking about a quick handshake in an airport; the lucky ducks within the Gallery got to hang around with SWM...and some even convinced Mr. Manor to be photographed with them!!!  Wow, who ISN'T jealous?

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